We manufacture and export fuel conversion systems for the environment friendly tomorrow. Our products increases power to reach near gasoline base line, increases fuel economy to maximum level and minimum air restriction increases efficiency. Some of our exclusive products are:

  • CNG Conversion Kits

    We provide conversion/ engine systems which are designed to allow engines to operate on CNG. Each engine has unique requirements when being converted to operate on CNG. This means that conversion system cannot be universal. Each application requires specialized components in order to maximize the benefits of CNG, while maintaining fuel economy and power output.

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  • LPG Conversion Kits

    We carry out alot of prototype work for a local automotive company for their LPG conversion systems which involves tube bending, flairing, machining and sheet metal work.

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  • Fuel Conversion Systems

    The origin of natural gas derives from the decomposition of plants and animals over a long period of time and under tremendous heat and pressure. When natural gas comes out of the ground, it commonly mixed with water, liquified hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide and other solid matter. The gas is cleaned of the water and solid matter, then the other gases and liquids are stripped away. Because water content in natural gas would cause formation of ice or hydrates in the pipeline. Likewise, the amount of available hydrocarbons heavier than ethane should be taken into account to reduce the risk of blocking the pipeline due to accumulation of condensable liquids. Send Enquiry

  • LPG Reducer

    The pressure reducer-vaporizer converts liquid LPG to its gaseous state by heating the gas and reducing its pressure. The reduction in pressure that takes place in the first stage chamber involves a considerable reduction in temperature. The heat, necessary to gasify the LPG is provided by hot water from the engine cooling system, which circulates in pressure reducer-vaporizer, shows how the pressure reducer- vaporizer works.

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  • CNG Reducer

    They reduce the CNG pressure, allowing a regular gas flow at every time.

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  • Switches & Sensors

    Active switches and sensors has released a fluid level sensor to detect the presence of any water based liquid. The sensor has a unique design, which eliminates most of the problems caused by the build up of material on the conductive probes. The build up of material would normally cause the sensor's output to change and the system to fail. This patented approach, using a bias ring, improves the stability and extends the operating life, while maintaining a competitively priced product.

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  • Multivalve

    Multivalve for ring shaped and cylindrical tanks conforming to international standards.

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  • Timing Advancer

    i. Advances timing 6 degrees
    ii. Improves power throughout RPM range
    iii. Billet stainless steel

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  • Cylinderical LPG Tank

    The tank is fitted in the boot of the car and the fule pipes layed right next to the existing fuel pipes. This ensures the speed breakers do not touch the fuel pipes.

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